Ooma VOIP to offer Worldwide Free Calls easily

I don't know where you get the idea that calls within 12 miles are always free. In any case, I believe that it would take a lot more than 1500 termination points to cover every "rate center".

In addition, there is no "loophole" that allows someone to let their residential phone line to be used in this way.

In addition, there are numerous technical reasons why this can not work. And there are serious privacy/security problems, for example, someone else can listen in on all your calls from the privacy of their own home. Also you would be responsible for illegal calls (bomb threats) made by someone else using your line.

And you could not use your line to make or receive calls while someone else is using it (except 911), although OOMA claims to have a solution to this, which is impossible.

Thanks Mike for the Pun. I agree with you on most of the points.

ooma reportedly said that they can cover 911 services since calls can be terminated on PSTN, so once the call is intiated it can directly terminate over PSTN line.

You need to use 2 lines, one VOIP and one PSTN plugged into the ooma box so based on what numbers you dial it can effectively place a call.

Some people using Ooma already reported issues involving phone tapping and easy hacking with ooma.

wonder how ooma is going to manage these security issues.

Dont know if they will go down the drain but one thing is for sure. They will make some good money. In today's world, no one cares about consumers anymore its all about money honey.

Hot off the press. Just found this on home.businesswire.com:

August 9, OOMA announces Pre-sales. The announcement includes the following two statements:

1. "This announcement contains forward-looking statements ... Actual results may differ significantly from management's expectations."

2. "Purchasers during the promotional period will have this no monthly charge service for at least three years."

You can interpret these anyway you want, but to me they mean:

1. OOMA is making wild claims and, if they don't work, don't blame us.
2. "Free service for life" is only guaranteed to be 3 years.

Anybody willing to bet $400 on those terms?
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