how to convert any text to speech easily in Android


Text 2 Speech
This is a very simple and basic program that converts text to speech. The user inputs the text and presses a button and the phone speaks the words you input. No frills, no fancy graphics, no unneeded options or coding that bog it down. Just simple, plain, and efficient.
Please don't mark it down for lack of features or lack of graphical fluff because that wasn't the point. The purpose was to keep it small and simple. NOTE: You MUST follow the on screen instructions to activate the text-to-speech functionality on your phone device in order for it to work. Please do not leave comments that it doesn't work if you have not tried to activate this in the settings.
**** ATTENTION: This developer is currently seeking a full time job in the greater Everett/Seattle Area of Washington. If you are an employer and would like to schedule an interview please get in touch!
This app is CURRENTLY ad free but I am also privately selling a permanent ad spot at the bottom of this app. Please let me know if you are interested.
For all questions, inquiries, bugs, praises (especially those!), and donation information, please contact me...
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