Android terminal Proxy server Surf internet websites anonymosly


Your Android terminal is made a simple Proxy server.
* Only the http protocol corresponds now.
Please specify IP address and the port listened by setting the proxy of a (PC)browser.
Connected source IP address becomes a connection from the Android terminal.
== Usage ==
[Start] The server is started by a set content
[Stop] The server is stopped.
[Start On Boot] Application server to be started at boot time
[View LOG] To view the log on screen
[ListenPort] The port where the server does listen is set.
[Timeout(Second)] The timeout is set (The unit is a second).
[User-Agent]The input User-Agent is set. It doesn't change at the uninput.
[Clear]The log is cleared.
[On] It makes it to wifi on.
[Off] It makes it to wifi off.
[Start] Surrounding wifi is scanned and displayed.
[Stop] The scanning is made off.
[Exit] The application program is canceled.

*The transmission rate changes with the network environment and the Android terminal.
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