ماهي معاني الكلمة الانجليزية right وكيف تستعمل في الجمل

adjective /rīt/ 
righter, comparative; rightest, superlative
  1. Morally good, justified, or acceptable
    • - I hope we're doing the right thing
    • - you were quite right to criticize him
  2. True or correct as a fact
    • - I'm not sure I know the right answer
    • - her theories were proved right
  3. Correct in one's opinion or judgment
    • - she was right about Tom having no money
  4. Used as an interrogative at the end of a statement as a way of inviting agreement, approval, or confirmation
    • - you went to see Angie on Monday, right?
  5. According to what is correct for a particular situation or thing
    • - is this the right way to the cottage?
    • - you're not holding it the right way up
  6. The best or most suitable of a number of possible choices for a particular purpose or occasion
    • - he was clearly the right man for the job
    • - I was waiting for the right moment to ask him
  7. Socially fashionable or important
    • - he was seen at all the right places
  8. In a satisfactory, sound, or normal state or condition
    • - that sausage doesn't smell right
    • - if only I could have helped put matters right
  9. Denoting or worn on the side of a person's body which is toward the east when they are facing north
    • - my right elbow
    • - her right shoe
  10. Denoting the corresponding side of any other object
    • - the right edge of the field
  11. On this side from the point of view of a spectator

  12. Complete; absolute (used for emphasis, typically in derogatory contexts)
    • - I felt a right idiot
  13. Of or relating to a person or political party or grouping favoring conservative views
    • - are you politically right, left, or center?
adverb /rīt/ 
  1. To the furthest or most complete extent or degree (used for emphasis)
    • - the car spun right off the track
    • - I'm right out of ideas
  2. Exactly; directly (used to emphasize the precise location or time of something)
    • - Harriet was standing right behind her
  3. Immediately; without delaying or hesitating
    • - I'll be right back
  4. Very
    • - it's right spooky in there!
  5. Correctly
    • - he had guessed right
  6. In the required or necessary way; properly; satisfactorily
    • - nothing's going right for me this season
  7. On or to the right side
    • - turn right at Main Street
noun /rīt/ 
rights, plural
  1. That which is morally correct, just, or honorable
    • - she doesn't understand the difference between right and wrong
    • - the rights and wrongs of the matter
  2. A moral or legal entitlement to have or obtain something or to act in a certain way
    • - she had every right to be angry
    • - you're quite within your rights to ask for your money back
    • - there is no right of appeal against the decision
  3. The authority to perform, publish, film, or televise a particular work, event, etc
    • - they sold the paperback rights
  4. The right-hand part, side, or direction
    • - take the first turning on the right
    • - she seated me on her right
  5. (in football or a similar sport) The right-hand half of the field when facing the opponent's goal

  6. The right wing of an army

  7. A right turn
    • - he made a right in Dorchester Avenue
  8. A road or entrance on the right
    • - take the first right over the stream
  9. (esp. in the context of boxing) A person's right fist

  10. A blow given with this
    • - the young cop swung a terrific right
  11. A grouping or political party favoring conservative views and supporting capitalist economic principles

  12. The section of a group or political party adhering particularly strongly to such views

verb /rīt/ 
righted, past participle; righted, past tense; righting, present participle; rights, 3rd person singular present
  1. Restore to a normal or upright position
    • - we righted the capsized dinghy
  2. Restore to a normal or correct condition or situation
    • - righting the economy demanded major cuts in defense spending
  3. Redress or rectify (a wrong or mistaken action)
    • - she was determined to right the wrongs done to her father
  4. Make reparation to (someone) for a wrong done to them
    • - we'll see you righted
exclamation /rīt/ 
  1. Used to indicate one's agreement with a suggestion or to acknowledge a statement or order
    • - “Barry's here.” “Oh, right
    • - right you are, sir
  2. Used as a filler in speech or as a way of confirming that someone is listening to or understanding what one is saying
    • - and I didn't think any more of it, right, but Mom said I should take him to a doctor
  3. Used to introduce an utterance, exhortation, or suggestion
    • - right, let's have a drink
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